DIY Girls Fashion Show Birthday Party

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Girls Fashion Show Birthday Party

Trying to find new and interesting ideas for birthday parties can be such a hassle.  But after watching a season of Project Runway with my normally tomboyish little girl, Meredith, and watching her prance around in a tutu immediately after, I was inspired to make her upcoming birthday party a Girls Fashion Show Birthday Party. And while little girls fashion is not my cup of tea, it was fun coming up with a Trend Report for her and her friends to model.

So first step, after coming up with a date, send out invitations immediately.  The more time you have to plan, the more spectacular an event you can make it.  Especially if you are on a budget.  Which I was.  The invitations could be a simple DIY that you and your daughter can make or you can outsource the design to one of the talented people that offer their services on Ebay or Etsy.  We did a ticket version invite, which we doctored into a VIP worthy Backstage Pass.  Wish I had a picture, but we ran out of invites.  But we basically adhered clear packing tape to the invites to give it a laminated effect, then attached them to ribbon bought at the craft store. Obviously you could buy lanyards if you don’t have the time and are willing to foot the extra expense.  Time is money after all.  But it was a fun craft to do with my daughter.

DIY Fashion Show Venue

Next, logistics.  Where is this party going to be held? Living in the Seattle area, you are limited to indoor venues. Otherwise it is a gamble on whether you get rained out or not.  Because we were on a budget, we decided to hold it at our home.  The living room would make a perfect runway for the show.  So we needed props to make the room look like a little girl’s fashion ideal.  I went online to check out backstage pics of fashion shows for inspiration.  My husband put the disco ball up for effect.  For the runway, I found two pink area rugs at a discount store, Tuesday Morning.  Then we made a backdrop by piecing together two large blank canvases that I had on hand and covering it with fabric bought at the craft store as the runway focal point.

DIY Fashion Show Decorations

Sometimes decorating with just balloons, doesn’t have the right feel. Why not create your own unique cluster combo by adding tissue poufs and paper lanterns to the typical balloon medley?

girls fashion birthday party

After coming up with a color scheme, we made different sized poufs out of colored tissue paper and pipe cleaners.  We decorated the whole room with these, some discounted paper lanterns and homemade fans.  We filled small square vases with skittles and plastic daisies for centerpieces.  We glue-gunned pink polka dotted ribbon as trim for vases, baskets and the cake stand.  I also picked up old champagne glasses at the local Goodwill for a quarter each along with various crystal glasses for decoration.  We were going to rim the champagne glasses with pink sugar, but ran out of time.  But it would be a cool idea to try for a future party. The tablecloths and other displays were items we already owned.  Definitely use your personal things that you have on hand.  You’d be surprised how pretty your crystal glasses will look holding various colored candy.

Also checkout these pages on Birthday Express and Catch My Party for inspiration.

Girl’s Fashion Trend Report

After coming up with the Trend Report, we combed both mine and Meredith’s closets for the appropriate clothes and accessories. Hats, gloves, sunglasses, shoes, tutus, even princess costumes.  Nothing was missed and everything was going to be put to use.  The trends we came up with were, Animal Print, Holiday Sparkle & Girly Neon.  For the Girly Neon theme, we went to the local Old Navy, after getting the final headcount, to buy clearance t-shirts for the girls to model and to take home with their goodie bags.  We got these adorable “OMG” and “LOL” shirts.  Or if you are feeling particularly crafty, you can make the shirts yourself with plain white tees and fabric paint.  Goodie bags were clear cellophane bags with coordinating polka dots.  Inside we put plastic necklaces and rings and candy.

Now, for planning the activities for the actual party. We wanted to have a photo shoot and a runway show.  Grandma Jane was tasked to take the pictures, since she seemed handy enough with a camera.  And my husband, Kevin would MC the actual fashion show.  We also decided that we wanted to do each girls makeup and nails with the help of some volunteers. After the show, we would have a “champagne toast” with sparking cider, while Meredith opened presents.  We would take the pics from the party and have them developed and assembled into a model book for each girl.  We would hand these out with a Thank you note.  Seemed simple enough.

The Runway Awaits

Day of the party.  Everything is decorated in the living room for the runway show. We had a rack of clothes in the dining room for the girls to pick from. We had all the nail polish, makeup, and accessories on a buffet in the same room. We had a portable photo shoot kit from Amazon set up.  In the kitchen, we had a table full of construction paper, glue sticks and various forms of glitter for the Model Books.  There was food set up on the kitchen island to snack on.  Everything is set.

As soon as each girl arrived, we told their parents to come back at a scheduled time if they wanted to catch the Fashion Show.  Unfortunately, they all came pretty much at the same time.  My bad.  Should have anticipated this. We then had the girls pick out an outfit for each of the three trends and put them aside for the photo shoot and the fashion show.   I was not able to supervise the process as well as I had wanted to.  And note to self, make sure they are someplace where the girls couldn’t get to them, because they ended up changing their minds and completely messing up the set up.  Also, I didn’t secure enough help for the party, so I ended up doing the makeup and nails.  I definitely needed to supervise.  In retrospect, I would probably skip this whole part altogether.  It was too time consuming.  My lovely friend Melody, did help with ushering the girls around.

girls fashion birthday party

So, after each girl picked out an outfit, we photographed them.  And while a girl was getting her photos taken, we had the other girls making and decorating their own model books.  After all the photos were taken and the snacks and pizza eaten, we set up for the runway show.  After figuring out the girls had changed up the designated outfits, we tried to reorganize the outfits.  There were a few little squabbles, but nothing we couldn’t get thru.  We had each of the girls do a practice walk down the runway.  My husband and daughter had picked out music for each of the different trends.  We were running about 20 minutes behind.  Parents started to return and take their seats and mingle amongst each other. Cue lights.  Cue music.

Ready. Set. Go.  Needless to say, it wasn’t the smoothest runway show.  But it was certainly entertaining.  Meredith had a blast with her besties.  And the Model Books came out awesome.

Check out the slideshow of all the pics from the party.

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